Leading Board Advisor

Dr. Zion Hadad

Dr. Zion Hadad is a world-renowned inventor and entrepreneur, serving as the leading board advisor of JointNess Group. His impressive contributions to the telecommunications industry are backed by tens of patents and significant contributions to international standardization organizations such as ETSI/DVB, IEEE, and 3GPP.

Dr. Hadad's most notable invention is the OFDMA technology, which revolutionized the telecommunications industry. As the founder of Runcom, he successfully led the company as CEO and Chairman from 1997 to 2012. Under his leadership, Runcom grew to over 200 employees, sold thousands of OFDMA Base-Stations and millions of UE chips, generating a remarkable €80M in revenue.

Dr. Hadad's unparalleled expertise in the telecommunications industry and entrepreneurial spirit make him an invaluable member of JointNess Group's board of advisors. His contributions to the field have had a profound impact on the industry and continue to influence the development of new technologies today.

As the leading board advisor of JointNess Group, Dr. Hadad's guidance and strategic insight are instrumental in driving the company's success. We are honored to have Dr. Hadad on our team and look forward to his continued contributions to our growth and success.

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