Chairman & CEO

Oren Gabay

Oren Gabay is the Chairman and CEO of JointNess Group, a company that specializes in telecommunications and technology within the field of Security Defense.

With a military background as a former Major, Oren possesses extensive experience and expertise in heading economic departments. He accompanied the establishment of the C4I Branch and played a key role in its development into a central branch of the IDF. Oren was responsible for the economic and acquisition aspects of the central software developing units in the C4I Branch, including the well-known "Mamram" Center of Computing and Information Systems of the IDF.

During his military service, Oren managed large tenders in the field of computing and worked with companies. He was also sent for two years to the United States as a liaison officer with American companies as part of the Digital Army Program (DAP), for the establishment of communication and computer systems for the IDF's armored corps.

After retiring from the army, Oren led projects in the fields of engineering and efficiency for "Cellcom", an Israeli telecom operator. He was also the CEO of "C.M.G network", a company that manages the cellular network for three telecom operators in Israel. Oren holds a bachelor's degree in economics (B.A.) and a Master's degree in business and management (M.B.A). His vast experience and education make him an invaluable asset to JointNess Group, leading the company to success with his exceptional leadership and management skills.

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