Board Advisor

Zorik Unger

Zorik Unger is a highly esteemed member of JointNess Group's board of advisors. With 15 years of successful experience in providing strategic business and entrepreneurial leadership, he has demonstrated a track record of success in even the most challenging situations.

Zorik's most notable achievement was the founding of Wobi LTD, an online insurance aggregator that he successfully led as CEO. His exceptional leadership and business acumen played a key role in the company's sale for a remarkable sum of 15 million USD to a large American company. Prior to Wobi, Zorik held the position of Head of Strategy and Biz-dev of the Phoenix financial group, where he contributed significantly to the company's success.

Zorik's vast experience in the financial sector includes his time as the Head of Retail Strategy of Hapoalim Bank, the leading bank in Israel. His MBA degree provides him with a deep understanding of business and strategic management, which he has successfully applied throughout his career.

Zorik's expertise in strategic business leadership and entrepreneurship makes him an invaluable member of JointNess Group's board of advisors. His extensive knowledge and experience are essential for the company's strategic decision-making and planning processes. We are proud to have Zorik on our team and look forward to his continued contributions to our success.

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